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Fine Indian Cuisine, the nourishment from the Indian subcontinent in Asia is primarily distinguished by the extensive use of various spices, herbs and other vegetables and sometimes fruits. The subcontinent is as diversified in its cooking customs as its dialects and beliefs, therefore, encompass a broad assortment of dishes and cooking methods. As a consequence, it diverse from district to district, mirroring the diverse demographics.

The cuisine is as very old as its civilization and has developed over thousands of years while absorbing influences from the Mughals, the Persians and the Portuguese. The British, who initially introduced Indian food to the world, became obsessed to “curries” principally for the assaulting kind of the delectable gravy bowls conceived by factual Indian craftsmen in the kitchen. So much so, that the British created the now well known CURRY POWDER. However, true Indian curries, each with its own characteristic aroma, flavor, taste and textures painstakingly conceived not from a so-called curry powder, but from a host of imported spices and herbs that are combined for the whole taste to give the individual flavour to each dish.

 A dining experience you will not soon forget awaits you at A Fine Taste of IndiaThis Chettinadian delicacy is known world-wide for its spicy masala taste, blended with tender chicken.This lush curry is perfect for a hearty meal. The sauce has a creamy and cooling quality and earthy texture.Fine taste of India Cuisine is a family-run bistro located in Erlanger KY. We serve North Indian delicacies, a variety of non-veg and veg dishes, prepared food just as we would back dwelling in Punjab,Hyderabad or Calcutta India. The widespread misconception is that Indian nourishment is exceedingly peppery, but here at Fine flavour of India we make all our nourishment according to how our customers desire it. We can make food as gentle or as spicy as you desire, without any decrease of flavor. We make certain that our customers experience the rich tastes of the herbs and flavour's of India without having to journey those 8,000 miles. Your astonishing getaway is established right here in Cincinnati.

First time consuming Indian food? not ever hesitate to ask any of the employees for recommendations, they will gladly help you out :) The employees ARE very amicable and heal all their customers with moderately hot hospitality. A Fine flavour of Indian restaurant Cincinnati Cuisine has successfully been in enterprise for 18 years and are looking forward to numerous more!

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